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Dust explosion test device

Release time:2019-11-11Author:admin

Dust explosion test device

1. Use: The dust explosion box is mainly used for testing the dust explosion limit; the power supply is mainly used for charging (input AC220V, output 5-32KV), discharge and control.

2. Composition: The power supply part of the dust explosion box is composed of power supply, controller and capacitor, etc.

3. The main parameters:

(1) Power supply voltage: 220V 50HZ Power: 300W

(2) Rated output high voltage range: 5KV ~ 32KV;

(3) electrode adjustment distance: 1 ~ 10cm (adjustable);

(4) Internal dimensions of explosion box: 500 � 500 � 500;

(5) The distance between the controller and the explosion box: 30 meters;

(6) Number of electrodes: 10 sets.

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