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High power pulse capacitor charging power supply

Release time:2019-11-11Author:admin

High power pulse capacitor charging power supply

The charging device is a high-power pulse power supply made by our company for a certain research

The main technical parameters are as follows:

1. Input voltage: 380VAC � 10%. 50HZ three-phase four-wire system

2. Large output voltage: 25KV

3. Large output current: 500mA

4. Adjustable range of output constant voltage: 1KV —— 25KV

5. Adjustable range of output constant current: 5mA —— 500mA

6.With output over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection functions

7. Equipped with voltage and current indicating device

8.The high voltage power supply can be operated internally or externally.

9.Fiber connection for external control operation

10.Experiment with optocoupler isolation control for external control operation switch

11.Trigger signal: 3 sets of word pulse signals

12, trigger signal 20V, 40mA pulse width 50-100us

13.The total capacity of the charging capacitor is 3.9mF

14. Ground discharge device discharge time 3 minutes



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