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High-pressure detonation performance test system

Release time:2020-01-12Author:admin

The high-pressure initiation performance test system uses a 19-inch standard size totem cabinet. The cabinet size (height * width * depth): 1166mm * 600mm * 600mm. The cabinet is equipped with front and rear doors that can be opened and closed, easy to use, safe and beautiful. Inside the cabinet, there is an Apache computer, an oscilloscope, and a high-voltage power supply. The high-voltage power supply has two working modes: internal control and external control. Both can output 0 ~ 4000VDC continuously adjustable voltage and 12V and 2000V pulse voltage, which is suitable for high voltage charging and discharging occasions. When the high-voltage power supply is placed in the external control position, the computer can control the working state of the high-voltage power supply. The oscilloscope can collect the voltage and current waveforms of the initiating load and send them to the computer, which is clear and intuitive and easy to operate. Inside the cabinet are nameplates, computers, oscilloscopes, and high-voltage power supply cases from top to bottom.

High-pressure detonation performance test system

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