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Navigation transmitter high voltage and pulse modulator power

Release time:2020-01-12Author:admin

Xi'an Zhaofu Electronics Co., Ltd. cooperated with a military industrial unit to develop a high-voltage transmitter and modulator for a navigation device, which has entered the batch production stage. So far, it's operating well. A military unit and our company have maintained a good cooperative relationship for a long time. Navigation transmitter high voltage power supply and pulse modulator, the specific parameters are as follows:

Pulse voltage: 6KV-11KV

Stability: ≤0.1%

Pulse width: 2μS

Pulse leading edge: ≤300ns,

Pulse trailing edge: ≤300ns,

Pulse frequency: 1) f = 300Hz (T = 3.3ms) when four consecutive pulse trains

2) In the random case, f = 5kHz

Pulse top drop: ≤2%

Burst drop: ≤4%

► Technical Specifications of Filament Power Supply

Filament voltage: 12.6V

Filament current: ≤5A

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