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MeV6A-18 Focusing Coil Power Supply

Release time:2019-11-21

Xi'an Zhaofu Electronic Focus Coil Power Supply Instruction Manual

I. Schematic diagram of front and rear panels

Figure 1 Front panel

Figure 2 Rear panel

Operation method

1. The input and output interfaces of Xi'an Zhaofu Electronic Power Supply are placed on the rear panel. The red terminal ( ) is the positive output terminal, and the black terminal (-) is the negative output terminal.

2. Connect the power plug of the instrument to a properly grounded AC power source. If proper grounding cannot be ensured, the instrument's ground terminal must be grounded by itself to ensure the safety of the operator.

3. Before pressing the power switch, check whether the current adjustment knob is turned counterclockwise to the end (0 scale position) to prevent overshoot and damage the instrument.

4. After the load is properly connected, press the power switch, the power switch is on, turn the current adjustment knob clockwise, and adjust the required output current value by observing the output current value displayed on the front panel digital tube.

5. If the load is broken down and a short circuit occurs, the instrument enters the constant current protection state, the output voltage value drops to zero or very low, and the current display value is the set value. At this time, the power switch should be turned off, and the fault can be eliminated before continuing to use.

6. At the end of use, the voltage adjustment knob should be turned counterclockwise to the end to facilitate the next use.

7. After use, turn off the power of the instrument, and unplug it when not in use for a long time.

Third, matters needing attention

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before use.

2. The instrument must be reliably grounded and connected to the load reliably.

3. The current value of the load lead wire should be greater than or equal to the current output value to reduce heat generation and loss.

4. Do not short-circuit the output ground wire to the AC power line to avoid danger caused by the electrification of the case.

5. Avoid short circuit between the output terminal and the ground wire to prevent accidents.

6. Avoid direct sunlight. Do not use or store the instrument in hot and humid environments.

Fourth, technical indicators

1. Power supply voltage: 220V AC � 10% 50Hz

2. Output current adjustment range: 0 ~ 7A (larger value)

3. Rated output current: 6A

4. Large output voltage: 50V

5. Output voltage display accuracy: � 0.1V

6. Output current display accuracy: � 0.01A

7, short-circuit protection: can be output in a short-circuit state, the larger current will not exceed the current set value

Five, packing list

1.One focusing coil power supply

2.A power cord

3. An instruction manual

4.Two spare insurance tubes (4.5A)

MeV6A-18 Focusing Coil Power Supply

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