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Briefly describe the characteristics and development trend of Shaanxi inverter power!

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Frequency conversion power supply, also known as AC power frequency converter, is a power converter in a motion control system. It is different from variable frequency speed controller and ordinary AC stabilized power supply.

What is a variable frequency power supply

The ideal AC power supply is frequency stable, voltage stable, internal resistance equal to zero, and the voltage waveform is pure sine wave (no distortion). Frequency conversion power is very close to the ideal AC power. Therefore, more and more developed countries use frequency conversion power as the standard power supply in order to provide an excellent power supply environment for electrical appliances and to objectively evaluate the technical performance of electrical appliances.

Frequency conversion power supply devices are mainly divided into AC-DC-AC frequency conversion and AC-AC frequency conversion. AC-DC-AC frequency conversion can be divided into voltage and current types. Use a small amount of current type.

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2. Development Trend of Variable Frequency Power Supply

At present, the development trend of variable frequency power supply focuses on high frequency, digitalization and greening:

(1) High frequency trend

Increasing the switching frequency of the variable frequency power supply can effectively reduce the size and weight of the device. In order to further reduce the size and weight of the device, the bulky power-frequency isolation transformer is removed, and high-frequency isolation is used to broaden the operating voltage range and eliminate the transformer And inductor audio noise, while improving the dynamic response of the output voltage.

(2) Digital trends

Now digital signal processing technology is becoming more and more mature. The use of this technology facilitates intelligent and flexible processing and control of computers, simplifies the complexity of hardware circuits, improves the anti-interference ability of the system, and facilitates software package debugging and after-sales services, especially wireless communication connections and networked Technology application, the use of a fully digitally controlled variable frequency power supply solution is excellent in system performance integration and system cost control, and is a revolutionary upgrade path for the smart home appliance industry.

(3) Greening Trend

The meaning of green power has two levels: first is significant power saving, and power factor correction technology and soft switching technology are used at the input end of the power grid. Increasing the input power factor is of great significance. It can not only reduce the pollution to the power grid, reduce the reactive power loss of the city power, play an environmental protection and energy saving effect, but also reduce the corresponding investment and improve the operational reliability. In the future, power technology will develop in the direction of high efficiency, high power factor and high reliability, and continue to achieve low harmonic pollution, low environmental pollution, low electromagnetic interference, and miniaturization and weight reduction. So as to provide a strong technical guarantee for the future development of green power products and equipment, this will also be the inevitable result of the development of modern power. To sum up, it is known that there is a greater market opportunity for household appliances' frequency conversion electronic control power products in the future.

3. Application fields of variable frequency power supply

Frequency conversion power supply is mainly used for manufacturing or export traders to detect and debug the electrical consumption of exported electrical products and power supply for precision instruments. Widely used in home appliance manufacturing, electrical machinery, electronics manufacturing, IT industry, computer equipment, laboratories, etc.



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