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What is the difference between variable frequency power supply and inverter

Release time:2019-12-26Author:admin

In the past ten years, a frequency conversion device consisting of an AC-DC-AC-filtering frequency conversion device composed of the entire circuit came into being and has been widely used. Some people are accustomed to calling variable frequency power supplies inverters. In essence, variable frequency power supplies and frequency converters are two different concepts. Since the two have different working performances, they are suitable for different working environments. The following are the main differences between variable frequency power supplies and frequency converters to help customers make a difference.

The variable frequency power supply can not only output the power grid indicators of different countries in the world, but also provide a pure and reliable sine wave with low chirp distortion and high stable voltage and frequency for design, development, production, testing and other applications for an electrical appliance manufacturer. Wave power output. Variable frequency power is very close to the ideal AC power.

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Comparison of variable frequency power supply and frequency conversion with generator sets In the past, motor generator sets (intermediate frequency generator sets) were used for frequency conversion. Due to its large power consumption, large noise, large volume, poor accuracy, and pollution, a separate room was required, and special personnel The lack of management has gradually been replaced by variable frequency power supplies.

The entire circuit of the variable frequency power supply is composed of AC-DC-AC-filter, etc., so its voltage and current waveforms are pure sine waves, which is very close to the ideal AC power supply. Can output grid voltage and frequency of any country in the world. The inverter is composed of AC, DC, AC (modulated wave) and other circuits. The standard name for the inverter should be a frequency converter. The waveform of its output voltage is a pulsed square wave, and there are many harmonic components. The voltage and frequency change at the same time in proportion, and cannot be adjusted separately, which does not meet the requirements of AC power. In principle, it cannot be used as a power supply. Generally, it is only used for speed regulation of three-phase asynchronous motors.

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