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Accelerator centering power

Release time:2020-01-11

Accelerator centering power parameters:

► Power supply: AC220V � 10% 50Hz;

► Output current: -4A ~ 4A continuously adjustable;

► Local control / external control current setting: -10V ~ 10V (corresponding to -4A ~ 4A);

► Over current, over temperature and chain protection.

Accelerator centering power supply service introduction:

In order to better serve the needs of users and guide the use of timely after-sales service, Xi'an Zhaofu Electronics is in the spirit of "all pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction". Based on the principle of "attentive service and reliable product quality", we promise:

1. The manufacturing and testing of the products are in compliance with national standards

2. The products are tested by professional inspectors to ensure that all the indicators of the products meet the requirements of your company.

3. If the quality of the products provided by us during the warranty period, we are willing to bear all responsibilities

4. After the warranty period, we will respond in time. When urgent on-site service is needed, we will arrive at the designated domestic site within 24 hours.

Xi'an accelerator alignment power

Accelerator centering power

Accelerator centering power

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